I have grown to love having my birthday on the last day of the year. Looking back over my own personal year and 2016 at the same time can be a mixed bag (although personally pretty great) but I am always excited and optimistic about the one ahead. I like reflecting on both in one fell swoop--so effecient!

Along with my regular studio practice, I have been working with PatternObserver over the last couple of years on learning new creative and technical skills for the surface pattern design world with the intention of entering that industry…at some point. It's taking me a while and sometimes I think I will never get there, but I was inspired by their timely post today about Carmen Herrera's “Lines of Sight” exhibit at the Whitney Museum until January 9. Carmen sold her first painting at 89 and at 101 years old she is getting the overdue recognition for her stunning abstract work and still practicing art! Bravo! It's never too late they say.

So 62, here I come and a happy new year to all!

Check out the documentary about Carmen Herrera on Netflix. The 100 Years Show

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