PAPER, PLANT, SUN  photography material

PAPER, PLANT, SUN photography material

A little something to think about with Saint Valentine's Day just around the corner...

I was inspired by a book, THE LANGUAGE OF FLOWERS by Vanessa Diffenbaugh, to assemble a collection of my Botanical Portraits which "speak" of love, passion and beauty. A few of them are: FORSYTHIA-Anticipation, LILAC-First emotions of love, QUINCE-Temptation, FUCHSIA-Humble love, and CLEMATIS-Mental beauty.

Some of the meanings came from the book, and some elsewhere, but I loved applying the Victorian concept of this unwritten suggestive language to my photographs. And believe me, there are plenty of shall we say...ungracious messages to be sent through a flower case you were wondering :) 

**To find out more about my upcoming exhibit featuring this collection go here.

**To check out the book, THE LANGUAGE OF FLOWERS, go here - it's a good read about how flowers and their meanings helps a young woman from the foster care system communicate and connect with world. Click on the Flower Dictionary tab to find the Vanessa Diffenbaugh's compilation of meanings.



I have been working on cockeyed stripes to coordinate with my orange protea pattern aaaaalllllll day-well not really, but it seems like it! My brain hurts. I don't know how I feel about it all but will check back another day when my eyes are fresh. Could be a toss-away, could be a keeper.

The cockeyed stripe pattern (upper portion) is derived from leftover printmaking ink & Photoshop color manipulations.

The protea pattern (lower portion) is derived from photographs of protea plant shadows & Photoshop layers.



My friends have always been willing to have me hunt and gather in their gardens for studio material goodies - blooms, sticks, vegetable leaves, whatever. I might not even know them very well, but so far, all have opened their doors...or garden gates.

This is one of the bennies of doing what I do - connecting with folks via the garden and the art.

Here are leaf prints from Tracey and Carole's watermelon plant printed with a blue/black ink that I can NOT get enough of!